Maria C Ascarrunz Low Res JPG


Maria C. Ascarrunz  began acting at the experimental Found Theater in Long Beach, California, performing in several original productions written and directed by director Cynthia Galles.  She moved to the Bay Area and studied acting at City College of San Francisco.  With three fellow students, Maria helped found Babylon Theatre Group, and continued her studies under Babylon director/teacher Oscar Ramirez at the Mission Cultural Center.  In Babylon's first production, she performed in two of the three pieces that made up "Triptych of the Delights" (three stories by Tennessee Williams, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Salvadoran playwright Jaime Quemain Suarez).  She next played the role of Rosa in Antonio Skarmetta's "Burning Patience" (the original play from which the movie "Il Postino" was adapted).  Maria then performed as bawdy-house Madame Irma in Jean Genet’s "The Balcony." She continues her acting studies with Jean Shelton.  (Photography by Savage Photography.)