Mystic Bison Theatre & DanceTM

Ariel Dorfman's
Death and the Maiden*
Production Photos of the Actors Before a
Performance in July 2003
Photography by Kenneth Liang

Brewer as Paulina.
Barbara A. Brewer as Paulina Salas Escobar waiting for Gerardo.

Downstage Right
Brewer Backstage
Mark R. Carter, Ph.D. as Gerardo Escobar and Barbara A. Brewer as Paulina Salas Escobar warm-up backstage.

Kayalar Backstage
Celik Kayalar, Ph.D. gets ready to portray Dr. Roberto Miranda.

Paulina(Brewer) and Table OS Gerardo (Carter)
Carter and Brewer warming up on stage.

Kayalar (Miranda) OS Carter (Gerardo)

Kayalar practices his scene with Carter.

Kayalar (Miranda) and Carter (Gerardo)

Kayalar and Carter.

Carter (Gerardo) at Table

Carter works the script once more on stage.

Brewer (Paulina) Standing on Stage  Carter (Gerardo) with Hands on Head  Kayalar (Miranda) Under Lights
Brewer, Carter, and Kayalar.

*-Produced by Special Arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.


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