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Ariel Dorfman's
Death and the Maiden*

Carter, Kayalar, Brewer Low Res JPG
(Mark R. Carter, Ph.D., Celik Kayalar, Ph.D., Barbara A. Brewer; Photography by Jim Kilicci)


Barbara A. Brewer
Paulina Salas Escobar
Mark R. Carter, Ph.D.
Gerardo Escobar
Celik Kayalar, Ph.D.
Dr. Roberto Miranda


Benjamin Gonzalez Stage Management, Lighting Design,
Light and Sound Operation
Douglas K. Ridgeway Scenic Design and Construction
Frank Skilman Sound Design
Kenneth Liang Sound and Light Operation, Archive Photography
Alexandria Flowers Production Assistance

Special Thanks to
Andrey Esterlis, The San Francisco Mime Troupe, The Jean Shelton Actors Lab, San Francisco City College, Felecia Faulkner, and Juan J. Colomer

Justice: A Utopian Invention?

A rare San Francisco production of Death and the Maiden, (MUERTE Y LA DONCELLA) Ariel Dorfman's award winning play in which a woman, secretly detained and tortured as a material witness years earlier, confronts the man she believes is her torturer in a country that has just overthrown a fascist dictatorship and is transitioning to democracy will be produced by Mystic Bison Theatre. The play reveals the dark side of humanity while asking difficult questions about reconciliation and justice. How do rival factions enmeshed in a bloody secret war reconcile? Should the victim show mercy by forgiving, or reap justice by killing her torturer?

Death and the Maiden examines the psyches and actions of those bound in a relationship whose foundation is fear, debt, betrayal and guilt. Each character must decide the value of truth, justice, revenge, forgiveness and mercy. Each must decide who wins if justice is meted out following the Old Testament tradition's an eye for an eye.

Death and the Maiden has been awarded London's 1991 Time Out and the 1992 Sir Laurence Olivier Awards, the 1992 New York Public Library Literary Lion, Korea's 29th Dong Award for 1992-93 season, and Japan's 1999 Yoshiko Yuasa Prize.

Played June 26th through July 20th, 2003, Previews June 26, 27

Thursdays-Saturdays at 8:30 PM, Sundays 3:30 PM
at The Studio at Theatre Rhinoceros, San Francisco, CA
No show July 4th 2003.

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