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Presents the Classic Wild Comedy

Murder at the Howard Johnson's*

Ron Clark and Sam Bobrick
Willey, Brewer, Carter in Character

(Frank Willey, Barbara A. Brewer, Mark R. Carter, Ph.D.; Photography by Michael Sexton)



Barbara A. Brewer                                                    Arlene Miller
Mark R. Carter, Ph.D.                                            Mitchell Lovell
Frank Willey                                                                Paul Miller

Arniel Brown                                                         Stage Manager
Bert van Aalsburg                                  Set Designer and Builder
Benjamin Gonzales                                           Lighting Designer
Mark R. Carter, Ph.D.                                           Sound Designer
Kenneth Liang, Arniel Brown      Lighting and Sound Technicians
Kenneth Liang                                            Archive Photographer

Would you kill for love?  Could you pull it off and get away with it? 

Consider Arlene Miller.
   For some women, a home, furniture, clothing and five watches equals marital bliss.  But not for Arlene.  Her husband Paul, a used car dealer, will buy her everything but happiness.  Searching for self-fulfillment through sexual passion, Arlene discovers the couple's flamboyant dentist, Mitchell Lovell.  But Paul won't agree to a divorce, so
just in time for Christmas, Arlene and Mitchell try to murder him at a Howard Johnson's hotel.   This is only the beginning of the trouble Arlene causes.

You'll laugh every minute while watching  Ron Clark and Sam Bobrick's screwball comedy, Murder at the Howard Johnson's, as the tangled triangle careens on its roller coaster plot.  The pressure of planning and attempting murders for love forces each character to spout pithy witty remarks and ironies about life and love that will amuse and entertain you.  Eventually each character discovers that love is more than a selfish pursuit.  The approximate running time is 90 minutes.

Celebrate the end of the election season.  Get out of the house for the kind of great fun you can only experience by seeing highly trained actors performing classic wild comedy in a theatre!  Audiences screamed with laughter at our last production.  No kidding. 

Featured in the San Francisco Examiner's and Independent's City Spotlight.
Selected by Where Magazine for its "Top Ten" list of theatre attractions in San Francisco for November 2004.

Played Thursdays-Saturdays November 4-27, 2004 at 8 PM. No show Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 25th.

The Shelton Theater
533 Sutter Street 
San Francisco, CA 94102
(Between Powell and Mason Streets in the Theatre District off Union Square)

Special Thanks to Sam Bobrick, Doris N. Carter, Benjamin Gonzales, and David Vander Wilt, D.D.S.


Bert van Aalsburg's basic set for Murder at the Howard Johnson's.

Mystic Bison MurderHoJo Aalsburg Set2
Another angle on Bert's basic Murder at the Howard Johnson's set.

Mystic Bison Murder at HoJo Dancing
Mitch and Arlene dance while Paul figures out how to become Houdini.

Mystic Bison Murder at HoJo Tuxedoes
Paul and Mitch say "Happy New Year" to Arlene.

Mystic Bison Murder at HoJo Paul
Paul pretends he's Count Dracula.

Arlene gets hanged by Paul and Mitch.
Paul and Mitch about to hang Arlene.

Murder at the Howard Johnson's - SF Examiner & Independent
Where Magazine Top 10

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