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(Bogart , Mark R. Carter, Ph.D., Barbara A. Brewer, Frank Willey; Photography by Michael Sexton)



Mark R. Carter, Ph.D.                                                    Allan Felix
Barbara A. Brewer                                                    Linda Christie
Frank Willey                                                              Dick Christie
Diana Lucia De Pineres                                               Sharon Lake
Elisa Jones                                                                   Nancy Felix
Maria C. Ascarrunz                                                           Vanessa
Kimberly Bridges                   Barbara,
Dream Sharon, Go-Go Girl
Alison Weismiller                                                  Intellectual Girl
Michelle Kochanski                                                                Gina

Chester Browne                                                 Assistant Director
Chester Browne, Reuben Schwartz                      Set Construction
Matthew Shelton                                               Lighting Designer
Alison Weismiller                                                  Stage Manager
Howard O'Dell, Phil Hilton          Lighting and Sound Technicians

Play It Again Sam is a hilarious romantic comedy that asks how does a sensitive guy get the girl he desires.  Allan Felix, film critic, aficionado, and worshipper of Bogart, or is it Rick from Casablanca, has been recently deserted by his spouse. His friends, Dick and Linda Christie, step in and console him by fixing him up with a variety of eligible young women.  Little do they know that Allan is being coached by an imaginary Bogey who battles with his imaginary estranged wife over what is the right image to win the girl. Assuming the persona of Rick the tough macho man from Casablanca instead of himself, Allan is a dismal failure in the dating game. Still enough of his sensitive nature surfaces with classic lines such as—"Rain ... washes memories off the sidewalk of life" and "I want to have your child" to woo Linda whose marriage is suffering from a lack of romance.

Besides investigating homo sapien mating rituals, Play It Again Sam pokes fun at psychiatry and movie heroes. Weaving nostalgic scenes and speeches from Casablanca into Play It Again Sam, the play is both charming and provocative as it explores the idea of living one’s life as though it were a movie.

Play It Again Sam
, a hilarious romantic comedy, was directed by Jean Shelton, winner of a Payne Knickerbocker Lifetime Achievement Award for her contribution to Bay Area Theatre from the San Francisco Critics Circle. It starred Mark R. Carter, Ph.D. as Allan Felix. Frank Willey played his best friend, Dick Christie, while Barbara A. Brewer played his best friend's wife, Linda. Elisa Jones played Felix's imagined estranged wife, Nancy. Diana Lucia DePineres plays Sharon.

This rare San Francisco production of the witty romantic comedy, Play It Again Sam, was performed Thursday through Saturday evenings at 8:00 PM, February 5th through February 28th 2004, at The Shelton Theater, 533 Sutter Street at Powell Street, San Francisco, California.  Preview performances were on February 5th and 6th.

*-Produced by Special Arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.

"Heeey  ... this is real acting! " - Whispered from the front row.

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Special Thanks to
Matthew Ross, Chester Browne, Reuben Schwartz, Alison Weismiller, Phil Hilton, Howard O’Dell, Robert Latour, Veronica Pryce, Anton Tunzi-Gutierrez

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