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Woody Allen's
Play It Again, Sam

Archival Photos of the Actors After a Performance in February 2004
Photography by Kenneth Liang

Allan With Saxaphone  Allen and Cosmetics
Mark R. Carter, Ph.D. as the intensely lonely and neurotic Allan Felix.

Dick, Linda and Alan  Allan and Sharon
Frank Willey as Dick Christie and Barbara Brewer as Linda Christie set Alan up with Sharon played by Diana Lucia DePineres.
Alan and Linda in Bed
But Alan and Linda fall for each other.

Dick Shoots Alan 
Linda Devastated

Dick shoots Allan!  Linda is devastated!

Diana DePineres as Sharon       Elisa Jones as Nancy 
Diana Lucia DePineres as Sharon. Elisa Jones as Nancy.

Maria Ascarrunz as Vanessa  Kimberly Bridges as the Go-Go Girl

Maria C. Ascarrunz as Vanesssa and Kimberly Bridges as the Go-Go Girl.
Alison Weissmiller as the Intellectual Girl  Michelle Kochanski as Gina
   Alison Weismiller as the Intellectual Girl and Michelle Kochanski as Gina.

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