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Edward Albee's
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
(Winner of the 1963 Tony Award)
Mark R. Carter, Ph.D. as George and Barbara A. Brewer as Martha in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf
(Mark R. Carter, Ph.D. as George and Barbara A. Brewer as Martha.  Photography by Michael Sexton)



Alexis Boozer                                                             Honey
Barbara A. Brewer                                                      Martha

Mark R. Carter, Ph.D.                                                 George
Matthew Gardner                                                           Nick

Doug Marshall                                               Stage Manager
Doug Marshall                                 Light, Sound Technician
Lewis Campbell                                               Scenic Painter
Lewis Campbell                                         Lighting Designer
Mark R. Carter, Ph.D.                                    Sound Designer

Kenneth Liang                                     Archive Photographer

You've all seen the film.  Now see it live and up close and, without changing a word of the dialogue, the added dimension of George as a minority!  This rare but simple non-traditional casting decision heightens the drama and distinguishes this production from others.

Having made the steep climb to become an Associate Professor of History without full tenure in 1962, George now must face the tragedy of having fallen in love with the wrong woman.  His Caucasian wife Martha is the daughter of the President of New Carthage University, his boss.  Having given up on George's fortunes during a time when a woman's identity is derived from her husband's success, she openly longs for blonde lovers and blonde sons.  This fractious middle-aged interracial couple of George and Martha confronts the seemingly content young blonde couple of Nick, the genetic engineer, and Honey during a drunken late-night party only to reveal the lies underpinning both marriages.  In the end, each couple is left with only the truth and their love.

This production stars highly trained Bay Area actors and will be the San Francisco debut of acclaimed Los Angeles-based stage director Gregg W. Brevoort.

Selected by Where Magazine for its July and August 2005 "Top Ten" list of dramas in San Francisco.

Real audience comments about this production:  " of the best shows I've ever seen."  

"...really very good.  I mean it."

(Contains adult themes.)

Played Thursdays-Saturdays, July 21-August 13, 2005 at 7:30 PM.   Opening Night-Saturday, July 23.

The Next Stage
1620 Gough Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
(Between Bush and Pine Streets in the Trinity Episcopal Church)


Barbara Brewer Standing, Mark R. Carter Seated
(Brewer and Carter.  Photography by Michael Sexton.)

 Blind Lemon Phillips, Lewis Campbell, Bennie Lewis, Kenneth Liang, Doug Marshall,  Casting Networks,  The Shotgun Players, Robert Weinapple, and Frank Willey

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